In my  approach to read  the article ” The New Liberal Arts” by  Sanford J. Unger, I realized that he introduced his thesis on how under going a Liberla-Arts  education is criticized by many . in his arguments he brings seven very important points of misconceptions.

First point discusses  how it is assumed that Liberal-Arts education is just a fancy education, and  under the recent economic changes it is not a necessity.  But he argues that it’s a great help for students, to decide what’s best for them as a career choice, rather than getting driven by  the economy to a unsatisfying job, that will only pay their bills and offers no sense of success.

Second point explains that it’s equally hard in a tough economic times to get a job with  a Libera-Arts degree or any other degree, and he also points out that companies will always hire people with different skill sets.

Third point questions notion that lower-income students are more likely to pursue a more practical degree, he advocates that we  all have some incline towards participating in fine arts regardless of social levels.

Fourth point claims that we can’t neglect Librel-Arts to achieve scientific advances ,he also claims that it’s the post secondary education that does in fact provide discipline needed to procure hight education.

Fifth point emphasises on differentiating between political liberal agenda,  and the study of liberla-Arts, and how theses studies introduces the true meaning of democracy and embraces views and dialogues.

Sixth point tells us that its only im america that liberal arts studies needed before the pursue of higher education. And  that the chinese are admiring that model as a successful way for better educational standards.

lastly he point out the availability of community college,  to satisfy the liberal arts education,   provides great education,  and  it’s also cost efficient .

I agree with the author points,  and surely understand the significance of undergoing a Liberl-Arts course,  as it’s a prefect tool to acquire proper communication skills.

I admire professor’s Ungres  words on liberal-arts, he states” Through immersion in Liberal-Arts, students not just to make a living,  but also to live a life rich in values and character” ,  in other words he believes that  through Liberal-Arts education one doesn’t only satisfy requirements  to earn a job title,  but  also to acquire the skills necessary  for growth in individualism,  and intellect.

As an illustration, in  my experience, I have met people who were exceedingly qualified, and yet they would sit in a meeting or a presentation, and let some one else convey their voice, because they lacked the ability to  articulate their ideas. or communicate properly.

In short, i think that Liberal-Arts is the solid foundation that one can build a great tower of qualifications and degrees on, knowing that he has what it takes to accomplish development and progress.


About ahmedrammar

I'm a transfer students to queens college,i'm egyptian studied mehanical engineering intially and lookin into a major in computer science. wish me luck..thanks.

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  1. Ahmed, You did a nice job succinctly outlining each of the misperceptions Ungar laid out in his article.

  2. ksimbhu86 says:

    Interesting how you summarized each misconception. I didn’t think of that. I also liked your first quote and how you analyzed it using the terms “individualism” and “intellect”. I found myself struggling to find key words to express understanding of the exact same quote! Good job.

  3. justmariaa says:

    I really enjoyed reading your summary. I liked how you set up each misperception in your own words and made it very relatable. I especially agreed with your own personal views about a liberal arts education. I, too, find it very important to not only know how to do a specific job but also how to articulate your ideas effectively and also to just have a better understanding of our world in a more artistic fashion.

  4. I agree with you that more important than just getting a degree for the sake of the degree, it is more important to become a more educated, well-rounded person who is capable of communicating in the process of getting that degree.

  5. I love how much detail is in the essay, it truly does summarize the article. It helps bring up how important education is. Great job!!

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